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Fete De La Musique (also known as World Music Day) is a global celebration of music, a tradition that originated in France. Through the years, it has become a likewise beloved tradition in the Philippines, through the efforts of Alliance Francaise institutions in the country collaborating with the music scenes in various localities in the Philippines. In addition to celebrating music, the festival is a testament to decades of strong diplomatic relations between the Philippines and France and has served as an avenue for cultural exchange between the two nations.

In its three decades in the country, Fete De La Musique has become a highly anticipated yearly event that musicians from all over the country aspire to be a part of in its various stages, a one-of-a-kind experience for both artists and audiences alike.

What's Happening In 2024?

Fete De La Musique 2024 | Melt Records

2024 marks the 30th anniversary of Fete De La Musique in the Philippines. The activities in Cebu for 2024 are set to be the grandest in recent memory, with two nights of music in two different stages featuring the top indie acts in Cebu as well as the most promising up-and-coming artists. See the schedule of activities below.

Press Conference
JUNE 13 AT 1:30PM
La Maison Rose, Cebu

Hear more and ask questions about Fete De La Musique and this year’s festivities in Cebu from Dexter Sy of Melt Records, Gauthier Carol of Alliance Francaise de Cebu, and some of the performers for the event. Click “RSVP” to inform us of your presence and number of attendees so we can prepare seats.

Show starts at 7:00PM

The La Parisienne Stage happens on World Music Day itself and will feature chill and party vibes from top up-and-coming pop, folk, and hiphop artists in the Cebu music scene in an intimate setup.

Show starts at 4:30PM

The Ayala Center Cebu stage happens in sync with the destination stages nationwide. Cebu’s top indie rock bands grace the big stage and bring their distinct energy to the forefront at this stage. 


Known as the main vocalist for Cebu alt-pop band Sepia Times, Elisha “Icy” Ang debuts a new solo pop project with ‘IIICCCYYY.’ Breaking barriers and introducing a fresh pop sound to the music landscape of Cebu, IIICCCYYY is also bound to show a new facet to the burgeoning P-pop wave in the country.


SUGARKISS is the dark pop persona of Diane Tungol, a singer-songwriter hailing from Cebu, Philippines. With haunting melodies and ethereal vocals, SUGARKISS invites listeners through her songs about empowering women aim to showcase the true freedom that comes with embracing their full range of emotions. 

Liana San Diego

Liana San Diego is a Cebuana singer-songwriter based in the Philippines. Born and raised in a musically inclined family, Liana has always had a passion for singing. It was only until highschool when she finally pursued songwriting. At the height of the pandemic in 2020, she made her music available on all streaming platforms with her first single "Summer".


Formed by Nathan Elemino and John Mendoza. ELEMINO & DŒZA began to pursue their passion for rap by releasing their debut project ‘6000’. ELEMINO & DŒZA style blends English with a few “Bisaya” words to show authenticity as Cebuanos, with focus on lyrics and wordplay with current focus of Hip-Hop/Trap beats and flow.

Hollywood Folk Hogan

Hollywood Folk Hogan is a four-piece band from Cebu, integrating multiple styles and instrumental arrangements into their unique blend of folk and good old-fashioned rock and roll. Through soulful music with an infectious blend of riveting lyrics and impassioned melodies, it’s hard not to root for these bad guys.


ZOYA, a 20-year-old talent hailing from Iloilo City, is making waves in the local music scene with her infectious hooks and progressive songwriting skills. With a passion for Afrobeats, she is determined to carve out her niche in this genre. Having already showcased her talents at renowned events like FUSION: The Philippine Music Festival and VIVA Music Festival, ZOYA is steadily gaining recognition for her dynamic performances and unique style.


Always been known as a behind-the-scene guy for 20 years plus now in the Philippine Music Industry, Alex "Phat Boy" Lim a.k.a MISTERMIL fell in love with the afrobeats sound in 2023 and its global contribution. Thus, he decided to learn how to DJ to be able to experience and spread the island vibe sound of afrobeats, amapiano and alte cruise with his inception of the collective called PHIRE Starter which showcases different local artist including Zoya, Freshoeas, Jetter and DJ Lit.

Mandaue Nights

What began as a promising song collaboration between two like-minded artists has rapidly evolved into one of Cebu's most influential acts in the music industry. Mandaue Nights, comprised of Karl Lucente and Gino Rosales, have paved their way in making a name for themselves and transforming the landscape of Cebuano music. Their music, a fusion of ‘80s synth-pop and Pinoy alternative rock, marks a distinct departure from their previous endeavors. Since their inception in July 2017, Mandaue Nights has quickly ascended to prominence. Mandaue Nights is not just revisiting the sounds of a bygone era; they are redefining it for a new generation of listeners.

The Sundown

The Sundown is an up-and-coming band from Cebu, Philippines comprised of Vincent Eco and Gino Rosales on guitars, Alden Panes on drums, Luigi Balazo on bass, and Aaron Domingo on vocals. They possess a strong combination of skills and enthusiasm making them a powerhouse of talent and energy.

The Sundown’s strong and melodic music provides the perfect foundation for their infectious hooks and is made known for its emotional depth for every song they put out is carefully crafted and performed to tell a story of love, loss, and life.


"Sansette is a band born and raised on the island of Cebu where every day feels like summer.The band is made up of Jarren Narciso (Drums), Cris Ong (Bass), Adrian Labra (Guitars), Peter Cambonga (Sax), Leonard Cadurnigara (Guitars), Michael Villacarlos (Keys), and Gabriel Villacarlos (Vocals). Sansette was created in September 2019 immediately releasing their debut single "Sunburn".

Since then, the band has been on different local gigs and shows in Cebu and Manila Recently, the band has been able to release a new single- “C U” feat. Ely Buendia under Offshore Music."

Kubra Commander

Indie with a little Psychedelic Rock and Dreampop on the side, Kubra Commander mixes melodic guitar and spacey synth sounds with introspective lyrical themes. The project started purely as the solo endeavor of Bobbi Olvido in 2016, under the name Joint Viral Mood playing solo acoustic sets. Currently, a revolving cast of musicians compose the band but the latest lineup consists of Bobbi Olvido (Vocals/Guitars), Mich Pacalioga (Guitars), JB Villagonzalo(Guitars), Jah Acab (Bass), JJ Dayak (Synth), and Tim Williams (Drums).

The Qings

Cebu-based pop rock quintet The Qings were formed in response to its successful stint as one of Cebu’s most renowned indie rock acts, Bethany. The Quibranza siblings, Luis, Angelo, and Paolo, brought their brothers, Fonso and Cesco, into the fold to form the new band, which sets out to establish a fresh identity and a compelling new sound. It is currently promoting its EP dubbed ""Parallels,"" a reimagining of some of the most beloved Bethany tracks, including arguably the most recognizable song from the band, ""Waiting,"" and more recent songs such as ""Beautiful Show.""

Coloura | Melt Records


Coloura started way back when the scene was just defining its stand around 2016. What originally was a "side project after college hours" eventually became a more serious sonic experiment that shaped the band's signature pop rock sound of today. The band continued to experiment with their sound even as the pandemic struck the whole country, popping influences from funk and house music sound drives all the way to obscure shoegaze touch.


Breaking (or breakdancing) is making its debut as an olympic sport at the Paris 2024 Olympics. To celebrate this milestone for an artform that beautifully combines music, sports, and street culture, sports retailer Decathlon presents a breaking showcase at the Ayala Cebu Stage of Fete De La Musique 2024 in Cebu. The showcase will feature one of Cebu's top B-boy communities, Breaking-Cebu, in a battle style breaking performance.

Official PlayList

Enjoy these tunes from the lineup at Fete De La Musique 2024 in Cebu.

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