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Who We Are

Melt Records is an independent label based in Cebu City, Philippines. Its roster includes artists from all around the Philippines and other parts of the world, but with the majority of the roster based in the Visayas and Mindanao regions, the label hopes to do justice in presenting the vast musical diversity and talents in the southern half of the Philippines to the world, in an ethical way that respects the rights and best interests of its roster of artists.

Our Story

Melt Records started with a vision – to do more with less and to transform how independent musicians and artists in Cebu City, the Philippines, and the world create, distribute, and build communities around their music. From a bedroom studio more than a decade ago, Melt Records is now a thriving community of artists from all corners of the country and, more recently, the rest of the world.

What We Do

Melt Records is, at its core, a record label. That means we help artists put their music out as recordings which we help produce, distribute, promote, and publish. We release music through digital streaming, downloads, and physical formats like CDs, cassettes, and vinyls.

But we’re also a bunch of other stuff.

We’re a media company that creates online content. We’re an events company that creates live music shows and experiences. We’re an apparel company, developing music merchandise you can wear. We’re a music exporter and talent agency that connects artists with opportunities within or outside the country, whether for live performances, collaborations, or PR campaigns. We’re a software company, developing a whitelabel record label software platform that models what we believe to be the right way to do business in the music industry.

We’re also probably other things that we haven’t quite realized yet for now.

Why We Do It

Because we believe in a few important things:

  • That a lot of artists that create beautiful art don’t get the attention they deserve, and we want to change that.
  • That “local” music can be anything, from artists in your city to artists shared in your favorite Facebook groups, and we want to find the right “communities” that our artists will touch, wherever they might be in the world.
  • That artists should not have to use up their energy on business matters, if they don’t want to, and should have all the time they want to make art, and we want to make that possible.
  • That reputation and relationships – not contracts and ownership – are key to a sustainable, valuable music business, and we want to prove that.
  • That full transparency of information and participation in decision making are key to building a good reputation, and we want to uphold these.
In short, we’re out to prove that it’s possible to create a sustainable music industry while maintaining a high level of ethics and zero predatory BS as we work with a wonderful roster of artists we believe in. 
We’re not quite there yet, but we’re pretty sure we’ll get there.

The Core Team

Dexter Sy | Melt Records

Dexter Sy

Finance / Tech

PJ Ong | Melt Records

PJ Ong

Creative Director

Debb Acebu | Melt Records

Debb Acebu

P.R. / Social Media

Micmic Pacalioga | Melt Records

Mic Pacalioga


TJ Delima | Melt Records

TJ Delima

Staff Writer


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