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Who We Are

Melt Records is an independent label based in Cebu City, Philippines. Its roster includes artists from all around the Philippines and other parts of the world, but with the majority of the roster based in the Visayas and Mindanao regions, the label hopes to do justice in presenting the vast musical diversity and talents in the southern half of the Philippines to the world. More importantly, Melt Records seeks to build a sorely needed culture of transparency in the country’s thriving indie music scene.

Our Story

Melt Records started with a vision – to do more with less and to transform how independent musicians and artists in Cebu City, the Philippines, and the world create, distribute, and build communities around their music. From a bedroom studio more than a decade ago, Melt Records is now a thriving community of artists from all corners of the country and, more recently, the rest of the world.

Is this local music? Yes and no.

Yes, because pre-pandemic and even today, we believe that your local scene – the people who watch your first shows, whom you most closely relate to, who take pride in being on the same map as you – will always be first and forefront when it comes to hearing and supporting your music. 

Also, no, because we don’t believe geography should be the boundary nor the reference. Not everything you hear in your vicinity may be to your taste – and that’s totally fair.

Besides, in this post-pandemic and increasingly digital world, what is “local” anyway? Is it the artists who are based in your city, region, or country? Is it music by people you’re friends with on social media? Perhaps music shared in Facebook groups, Discord communities, and what-nots that you’re a part of online?

Perhaps it’s all of these things. We will stand for your right to support the music you love, regardless of where it’s from. Seek it out. We likewise will strive to deliver good music to you, no matter where it comes from and no matter where you are in the world. Let’s connect.

Our Mission

Elevate experiences

We want to push the upper limits of what our artists and audiences experience – whether in creating or appreciating music.

Create Opportunities

We exist to be a platform for artists to create, to be seen and heard, and to thrive in their craft, by reaching the right audiences and by learning and growing together.

Build community

Shared experiences is what we’re about. We aim to participate and foster a sense of community in the independent music scene and all its subsets.

The Core Team

Dexter Sy | Melt Records

Dexter Sy

Finance / Tech

PJ Ong | Melt Records

PJ Ong

Creative Director

Debb Acebu | Melt Records

Debb Acebu

P.R. / Social Media

Micmic Pacalioga | Melt Records

Mic Pacalioga


TJ Delima | Melt Records

TJ Delima

Staff Writer

Shiela Mae Tanagon | Melt Records

Shiela Mae Tanagon

Video Content Creator


As our roster grows across borders and throughout the country, we’ve needed a lot more help with coordinating and discovering artists in key places. We’re super grateful for these liaisons representing their cities – incredible artists themselves who knows the work it takes to get your music out there, and who are eager to help their local music scenes thrive.


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