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Artists — Music

What’s a label without its artists?

Here are the people who make the music happen – the musicians and bands that continuously strive to put out only the best music. For your listening pleasure.

SHVRIKEN | Melt Records


SHVRIKEN is a modern metal band in Cebu known for their groovy, extended-range guitar riffs and energetic live performances.

Vincent Eco | Melt Records

Vincent Eco

Vincent Eco is a folk-rock artist based in Cebu City, Philippines.

Hollywood Folk Hogan | Melt Records

Hollywood Folk Hogan

Hollywood Folk Hogan is a band from Cebu City that transcends style in their relentless pursuit of great music.

LUXXX | Melt Records


LUXXX is the new wave influenced synth pop project of bedroom-studio producer/artist Joey Seno.

Tiger Pussy | Melt Records

Tiger Pussy

Tiger Pussy is an art punk, riot-grrl band from Cebu City.

Soda Can Genie

Soda Can Genie is a band based in Cebu City that draws heavy influences from the funk and alternative sounds of the 90's.

Bottle Rocket | Melt Records

Bottle Rocket

Bottle Rocket is a Filipino alternative rock band from Cebu City. The group is founded by Miguel Lim (vocals and guitars) and is joined by Erwin Batucan on bass guitar and Jeriel Laraño on drums.

Turnpike | Melt Records


Turnpike is a melodic hardcore band based in Cebu City, Philippines.

Coloura | Melt Records


With ambient, experimental, and pop driven sound, Coloura brings music with distinct feel and colors to the people.

The Line Divides | Melt Records

The Line Divides

The Line Divides is an indie rock band based in Cebu and a mainstay in the Cebu music scene.

The Bleaching Hour | Melt Records

The Bleaching Hour

The Bleaching Hour is a project inspired by different decades but aims to create a new sound.

The Family Is Under Attack | Melt Records

The Family Is Under Attack

The Family Is Under Attack is a rock band in Cebu consisting of Cortz Cortes, Jeremy Rigodon, and Dabs Orat.

Apebreeder | Melt Records


Apebreeder is an alternative rock band from Bacolod City.

Lynel | Melt Records


This is an experimental project made in Cebu City, Philippines, by Lynel Ordonez Sucalit.

The Qings | Melt Records

The Qings

The Qings is a five-piece pop rock band based in Cebu City, Philippines, formed by the Quibranza siblings.

Modern Cassette | Melt Records

Modern Cassette

Modern Cassette is an indie pop band that takes the sound of the retro pop era and fuses it into their own contemporary style.

The Vast | Melt Records

The Vast

The Vast is a pop punk duo based in Cebu City. They originally hail from Ozamiz City.

Manic Mundane | Melt Records

Manic Mundane

Manic Mundane is the pseudonym and solo project of musician and bedroom producer Kath Dizon.

Southern Space

Southern Space

Southern Space is a collective group made up of Khalil Migallos, David Louise Ouano, Bhenz Bryle Tomilap, and Peter Mascariñas, which is based in the Queen City of the South – Cebu.

False Plaintiff | Melt Records

False Plaintiff

False Plaintiff is an emo/alternative rock quintet based in Singapore.

KRNA | Melt Records


Abbreviated from the Japanese term, “kire-ina”, which translates to beautiful, KRNA aims to produce original songs that coincide with this meaning.

White Widow | Melt Records

White Widow

White Widow is an experimental project based in the Philippines founded by Chester Masangya and Nel Briones.

TCKLDMNKS | Melt Records


TCKLDMNKS is a postrock/math rock band based in Koronadal City.

Carlo Mesina | Melt Records

Carlo Mesina

Carlo Mesina is a songwriter, singer, and rapper in Cebu City, navigating the lines between pop and hiphop music.

Pam Risourié

Pam Risourié is a shoegaze / dream pop quintet from Paris, France.

Moongatta | Melt Records


Moongatta is a rock band from Cebu, Philippines.


lightcraft is a contemporary pop band from Jakarta, Indonesia.


Fathergore is a band from Iligan City that plays to themes of human emotions devoid of cheer and comfort.

Odd | Melt Records


Odd is a Filipino post-rock band with melodic, experimental, and minimalist elements.

Plus minus equals riot

LA / CDO based Plus Minus Equals Riot is a bedroom-curated spectacle by Bollozos and DeLosAngeles.

Pulsing Chunky | Melt Records

Pulsing Chunky

Pulsing Chunky is a dynamic pop punk/rock band hailing from lloilo City.

Loop | Melt Records


Loop PH is an alternative rock band from Iligan City. Formed in 2013 by Kim Trinidad, JC Ramonal, JP Portado and Mic Pacalioga.

Golden Mammoth | Melt Records

Golden Mammoth

Golden Mammoth is a neo-psychedelia outfit band based in Putrajaya, Malaysia started by Syabil Alyahya who began experimenting, recording, and producing in his bedroom.

Tidal | Melt Records


tidal is a 4-piece rock band based in Quezon City, Philippines.

Francis Cang | Melt Records

Francis Cang

Francis Cang is a guitarist and musician from Cagayan de Oro City.

Sunday Sunday | Melt Records

Sunday Sunday

Bobbi formed the band way back 2005 with a different line-up and under the name ANAGRAM. After several name and line-up changes, the band officially settled with the name SUNDAY SUNDAY and the current line-up in 2010.

Honeydrop | Melt Records | cebu, indie rock, math rock, post rock


Honeydrop is a 5-piece indie band from Cebu, Philippines.

Monopolice | Melt Records


monopolice is an alternative rock project based in Cebu City.

Kubra Commander

Kubra Commander started as a solo home studio project of Bobbi Olvido and has since evolved into a full band.

kaapin | Melt Records


An experimental electronic + performance art duo from the Philippines.

UJU | Melt Records


UJU is a 4-piece band from Dumaguete City and is composed of Leeju, David, Kenanaiah and Diosem.

Annalogue | Melt Records


Tatski (bass), Kara (drums), Ira (guitar), and Arkyoo (synth and vocals) make up Annalogue, a rock band hailing from Cagayan de Oro City.

Still Dreams | Melt Records

Still Dreams

Still Dreams is a synthpop band based in Osaka, Japan. They are heavily influenced by indie-pop and 80s pops such as A-HA, Dead or Alive, Bananarama – a sound that shines through in their music.

Peregrine | Melt Records


Peregrine is a 4 piece indie-rock / indie-pop band based in Zamboanga City, Philippines.

Irrevocable | Melt Records


Irrevocable is a Punk / Emo band based in Metro Manila, Philippines.

The Dropouts! | Melt Records

The Dropouts!

The Dropouts is an All-Filipino (not Korean) rock band formed in 2006 consisting of members from Cavite, Laguna, Manila and Malabon, Philippines.

Stray Mullets

The Stray Mullets is a fantasy band formed in 2012 by a group of Asian musicians and brought to “life” by artist Siamese Rat five years after.

Queen Atia | Melt Records

Queen Atia

Queen Atia is a post-grunge band hailing from Cagayan de Oro City.

The Rising Tide | Melt Records

The Rising Tide

The Rising Tide is an indie rock band from Cebu City, Philippines.

Keith Human | Melt Records

Keith Human

Keith Human started as an aspiring folk musician, covering songs, and playing in bars and coffee houses in the city of Cebu ever since he was 14.

Techisoba | Melt Records


Techisoba is an electronica artist by cross-disciplinary designer Chad Manzo.

Such | Melt Records


Such was formed way back in 2006 with original members, Kushella Sanson on vocals, Mic Pacalioga on guitars, E.J. Talaroc on bass, Brando Bartolome on Synth / Keys and John Bermundo on drums.

Chelsea Dawn | Melt Records

Chelsea Dawn

Chelsea Dawn is a Dumaguete-based indie band.