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Artists — Visual

Here at Melt Records, we believe that music is not only an audio experience. We owe a lot to the visual experience of our music – whether in the cover art, the packaging design, music videos, or gig posters and other materials.

Here are the people who make your visual experience happen, working with musicians to create a unique audiovisual touch with every release…

Dan Banate | Melt Records

Dan Banate

Dan Banate is a Cebu City-based graphic designer and a self-taught filmmaker.

Inodoro™ | Melt Records


INODORO™ is the moniker of PJ Ong, a celebrated graphic designer and creative director from Cebu, Philippines.

Geraldine Sy | Melt Records

Geraldine Sy

Geraldine is an illustrator who loves creating bright and colorful compositions.

Kenanaiah Jo | Melt Records

Kenanaiah Jo

Kenanaiah Jo plays bass for UJU and creates digital collage art.

Keith Deligero | Melt Records

Keith Deligero

Keith Deligero's films are consistently listed in the "Best Films of the Philippines" in their respective years.

arkyoo | Melt Records


Arkyoo is a doodler based in Cagayan de Oro City.

Soika Vomiter | Melt Records

Soika Vomiter

Soika Vomiter is a Visayas, Philippines-based visual artist who also expresses art in the streets.

David Ouano | Melt Records

David Ouano

A creative pilot that helps people by navigating their visual track towards human-centered solutions.

KDLIG | Melt Records


KDLIG is a pop-surrealist illustrator from the Philippines currently working and residing in Dubai.

Ryan Covarrubias | Melt Records

Ryan Covarrubias

Ryan Covarrubias is a Graphic-Visual-Multimedia Artist/Designer by profession based in Zamboanga City and the bass player for Peregrine.

Cobbie Karagdag | Melt Records

Cobbie Karagdag

Cobbie Karagdag is a videographer and director who has worked extensively with KRNA.

Siamese Rat | Melt Records

Siamese Rat

I am the Siamese Rat and I make Toys, Comics and Illustrations