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UJU Release New Album “The Sun Is In Our Eyes”

UJU | Melt Records
Dreampop duo UJU just dropped their latest full album “The Sun Is In Our Eyes”!

We are thrilled to announce the release of UJU’s highly-anticipated new album, “The Sun Is In Our Eyes” on January 27, 2023 on all major streaming and download platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, and more. The album features the carrier single of the same title, “The Sun Is In Our Eyes”, which is a powerful anthem that is sure to be a hit with fans.

UJU is a rising band in the music industry known for their unique blend of indie and alternative rock, emotive lyrics, and dynamic instrumentation. “The Sun Is In Our Eyes” is a culmination of their sound and style, and a perfect follow-up to their debut album, “Dream of Better Days.” The band describes the album as a thematic sequel to their first album, with “The Sun Is In Our Eyes” being about the present and the feeling that the best days of our lives may be behind us and how we go on from here.

UJU – The Sun Is In Our Eyes | Melt Records

The band has taken everything they learned from their debut album to create this new EP. They stuck to what they know and kept learning as they went, and as a result, they’ve grown as a band both musically and individually, which is reflected in the new songs. They’ve put more intensity into the songwriting, reflecting their current feelings about the situation they are in right now in life.

On their production process, the band shared about unexpected challenges as they continued to record everything from a home studio, such as dogs in the area constantly barking during vocal recording sessions which usually took place in the afternoon. Nonetheless, despite all the limitations, UJU has once again produce a beautiful album.

Lyric video for the title track “The Sun Is In Our Eyes”

After the release of this album, the band plans to take a break from putting out music for a while, but promise to continue to write. In the meantime, they’ve set their plans on other projects such as music videos and merch. Interesting collaborations with other artists might even be on the table, according to the band.

Be sure to check out UJU’s new album “The Sun Is In Our Eyes” on all streaming platforms and experience it for yourself!