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Modern Cassette

Band Members

  • Ram Facturan
  • Dan Louie Magalso
  • Reinhardt Fortuito
  • Arlo Gomez
  • Carl Jasper Janea

Modern Cassette is an indie pop band that takes the sound of the retro pop era and fuses it into their own contemporary style, giving their songs an oddly nostalgic charm.

Modern Cassette delivers musical arrangements that have an evocative feel to them, inciting emotions from their songs. To do this, they write about their collective feelings from different events and chance encounters of their lives, giving each song its own personal style and story.

Hailing from Dumaguete City, Modern Cassette is composed of childhood friends from different bands and musical backgrounds. The band was formed when they decided to play for a charity event, and since then, they have been writing songs and performing in local concerts and events.

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