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Pam Risourié

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Lead singer / guitarist — Pam
Back-up vocals / guitarist — Lucas Ramos
Guitarist — Antonin Dorlipo
Bass — Georges Scott
Drums — Maxime Moraud
Pam Risourié is a dream pop / shoegaze quintet from Paris, formed in 2019. After 3 EPs and numerous shows, including a live in Trabendo and the opening for Galaxie 500, the band is now releasing its debut album, Days of Distortion.
This first LP was produced and recorded by several major shoegaze influences from the underground scene (You Said Strange, Lucas Ramos from OneTwoPassIt Studio) and mastered by Simon Scott, the drummer of Slowdive ; it is set to release on March 17th 2023, through the French record label Icy Cold Records, Shoredive Records (UK), Pyrrhic Victory Recordings (US) and Melt Records (Philippines).
You Are the Sound, the first single off the album, will be released on 19th December.


"Days of Distortion" Coming Soon!

Pam Risourie - Days of Distortion | Melt Records
Pam Risourie | Melt Records

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