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Plus minus equals riot

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LA / CDO based Plus Minus Equals Riot is a bedroom-curated spectacle by Bollozos and DeLosAngeles. Sweeping collaborations by a revolving set of musical savants from Germany, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit, New York, Italy, and the Philippines, ultimately producing melodies that evoke a sombre canvas yet gnawed with jaunty and breezy strains.

Embracing the different musical frenzies of 90’s alternative spectrum, but furthering it a tad more by breathing new soundscapes into the fabled genre through consolidating Post-punk’s descending yet driving bass, Brit-pop’s both shimmering and buzzing riffs, grunge’s brazen indifference, blissfully throbbing synths and a cocktail of potent Central American Big Brass to create tuneful outbursts that light up the dark night filled with fiery flares.


Plus Minus Equals Riot feat. Henry Allen - Ocean | Melt Records
Plus Minus Equals Riot x Bam Roa x Tyrone - Drained | Melt Records


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