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The Rising Tide

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  • Stephen Tan
  • Dave Orat
  • Mich Pacalioga
  • Vince Garces
  • John Resty Fuentes

Formed in Cebu City in 2019, The Rising Tide is a dynamic indie rock band known for their captivating fusion of J-rock, rock, and funk influences.

Driven by their shared passion, The Rising Tide is an emerging force in Cebu’s local music scene. With their unique sound, they are steadily gaining recognition and winning over new fans around the country. Their music explores themes of resilience, self-discovery, and navigating life’s challenges with a blend of intensity and groove, resonating with listeners who crave an authentic musical experience.

Now signed with Melt Records, The Rising Tide is poised to reach new heights with their collective determination, relentless creativity, and growing fanbase. As they continue to make waves in the industry, their electrifying performances and infectious melodies will leave an indelible impact on the hearts of their listeners.


The Rising Tide - Devil's Den | Melt Records
The Rising Tide - Devil's Dance | Melt Records

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