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Queen Atia

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  • Niqi Souix – Vocals
  • Joseph Cabang – Lead Guitars
  • Rob Maestrado – Guitars
  • Nikko Omana – Guitars
  • Troy Abrogar – Bass
  • Cris Camba – Drums

Queen Atia hails from the golden city of Cagayan de Oro. The band, formed the year 2014, with members Niqi Souix on vocals, Cris on drums, Jojo and Jared on lead guitars, Troy on bass and Nikko on rhythm guitars, and is heavily influenced by post-grunge music.

With their heavy sound, irreverent lyrics, and evocative brand of rock and roll, the band has gained their own audience in Cagayan de Oro and others parts in Mindanao and makes them an act you simply can’t skip out on.


Queen Atia - Massive Scare | Melt Records
Queen Atia - Not Sealed | Melt Records
Queen Atia - Can't Stop! Do It Again! | Melt Records
Queen Atia - Ahhh! | Melt Records

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