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  • Sean Villareal
  • Renato John Mosqueda
  • Vinz Bartiana
  • Kerwin Scyth Britania
  • Bryle Tomilap

Turnpike is a five-piece hardcore band from Cebu City, Philippines, comprising of Sean Villareal on rhythm guitar, Renato John Mosqueda on lead guitar, Vinz Bartiana on drums, Kerwin Scythe Britania on bass, and Bryle Tomilap on vocal duties.

Merging influences from melodic hardcore, chaotic hardcore, and late-90s/early 00s metallic hardcore and metalcore, Turnpike manages to brew a seminal sound in such a jungle of melodies. The band’s music revolves around introspection of self, bouts against isolation, and meditations about suffering.

Turnpike is set to release a six-song EP under Melt Records, and is currently playing shows in promotion for their upcoming release.


Turnpike - BLOOD4BLOOD | Melt Records
Turnpike - Breaking Your Peace | Melt Records
Turnpike - Fatal Cleansing | Melt Records
Turnpike - Angels Weep | Melt Records
Turnpike - You Vs. Everyone You Love | Melt Records

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