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Carlo Mesina

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  • Carlo Mesina
  • Vince Lucero (Producer)

Carlo Mesina is an experimental trip-hop artist from Cebu City, Philippines. He started his journey back in 2005 in the North Campus corridors of his youth together with his comrades from Dymphna, the nu metal rapcore group he has been a part of as lead vocalist for more than 17 years. The band released its debut album back in 2015 and has since made its due mark on the local indie music scene.

Carlo Mesina, or “Caloy”, as he’s fondly called by his peers in the scene, now expands his horizons and started writing his solo material in 2019, months prior to the pandemic. He wrote the first few tracks with his homie Mlchzdk before Vince Lucero followed through. The chemistry is undeniable as they share common denominators in the likes of Massive Attack, Portishead, Bjork, Morcheeba, Blue Foundation, Skateboard P, NERD and Teriyaki Boyz.

To Caloy, Peculiar Assemblage is a stash of tunes he’s been a fan of since the get-go, outside of the heavy stuff he has been mostly associated with. It’s a series of stories that delve deep into the raw narratives of his journey involving pain, loss, depression, anxiety, euphoria and recovery. Vince and Caloy zoned in at a thousand to hash out the weird but in the most relatable capacities. They intend to drop the collection as a series of single releases  at a monthly cadence throughout 2023.


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