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“I’m a Filipino Illustrator, working and residing in Dubai, I do both digital and traditional. My personal works usually falls under Pop-Surrealism. I started having interest on art at a very young age, and then later on developed and explored my way through it, by adapting from any types of medium, experimenting on styles and learning art related computer programs. Inspirations are everywhere, be it outside or even if you’re locking yourself up inside the comforts of your home, or be it off-grid, your dreams and nightmares can be a source of ideas, inspiration is limitless. It’s hard to only just name a few these days since I mostly follow artists on my IG, but the reason why i’m doing what I love to do was because these particular artists that rose in the early 2000’s, that introduced me to pop-surrealism, with the likes of James Jean, Tara McPherson, Alex Pardee, Audrey Kawasaki , Ron English and more, they paved the way for the aspirants like to me to venture into what they were doing during those pre-social media era, the “Deviant Art” and “My Space” days, when it was still hard to promote and come up with your own website, and of course the classic surreal and dada art from the greats still amazes me.”

Designs with Melt Records