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Hollywood Folk Hogan Generates Raw Energy With New Single “1969”

Hollywood Folk Hogan | Melt Records
Cebuano indie band Hollywood Folk Hogan has just released their second single, a rock and roll and blues track called “1969” now available on all major streaming platforms.

You’ll be transported to a different time with Hollywood Folk Hogan’s new single 1969 as the band showcases their unique storytelling capabilities and takes you through history, channeled through their raw vocals and stirring guitar riffs. The brand new track is now available on your favorite streaming platforms and on Bandcamp.

Our creative process involves a lot of exploration, and you can expect us to continue to surprise you with riveting tunes.

Ricky Coyoca, vocalist of Hollywood Folk Hogan

The band seamlessly blends multiple musical styles and their new track 1969 is no exception. Inspired by significant historical events such as the Piazza Fontana bombing and the publication of the Satanic Bible, this single stands out as a rock and roll and blues song that captures the essence of a turbulent year.

Reflecting on the creative process, the band shared that “writing it was absolutely fun. Ricky (the primary songwriter) enjoys toying with new concepts and writing stories of his own. Certainly, the guitars and melody in this song explain how fun the whole production was.” Ricky was eager to explore a different concept for this track and the outcome is unlike anything else in Hollywood Folk Hogan’s growing catalog of songs.

Hollywood Folk Hogan - 1969 | Melt Records
Cover art for 1969

The band’s musical versatility is evident in 1969 where they effortlessly blend their signature folksy sound with the raw energy of rock and roll and blues. The result is a track that showcases their musical range while also telling a compelling story.

The band hopes to reach rock and roll and blues enthusiasts and anyone willing to be captivated by the genre. “Our creative process involves a lot of exploration, and you can expect us to continue to surprise you with riveting tunes. The next thing you know, you’ll already like blues or shoegaze, or whatever hybrid genre we experiment with next,” they share. Hollywood Folk Hogan’s fearless approach to music is destined to attract a wide audience, eager to see where their creative journey takes them next.

The track’s cover art, featuring an evil grin, perfectly matches the story and the vibe of “1969.” It’s a visual representation of the intrigue and intensity that the song encapsulates, highlighting Hollywood Folk Hogan’s creativity and storytelling prowess. 

Make sure to stay tuned and immerse yourself in the historical and musical journey that 1969 offers to everyone open to be captivated by new kinds of music.