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TJ Delima

Three Physical Music Releases To Look Forward To | Melt Records

3 Physical Music Releases To Look Forward To

Nowadays, everyone is streaming music and consuming music through digital portals has quickly become the norm. However, physical CDs, vinyls, and cassettes are still growing in popularity with music enthusiasts and fans. There is still a different kind of magic when holding a physical album from your favorite band in your hand. At Melt Records, we want to keep that magic burning.

Sunday Sunday | Melt Records

Sunday Sunday Release A New Spin On “Monday Night Wrong”

Sunday Sunday just released a new version of their classic track Monday Night Wrong. If you’re wondering what the song is about, don’t worry, we’ll fill you in.. The name of their new song, Monday Night Wrong, was inspired by their passion for professional wrestling. If you guys notice it’s a play on the name of the well-known pro-wrestling show “WWE Monday Night Raw.”

Keith Human | Leave Your Baggage By The Door MV | Melt Records

Keith Human shares themes of Love and Violence for “Leave Your Baggage By The Door” Music Video

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February has arrived and Keith’s ready to drop the highly anticipated Leave Your Baggage By The Door Music Video on February 16, 2022. Keith and director Jannah Corrine collaborated to create the music video. It tells the story of a young couple on the verge of breaking up who tries to mend things only to meet their demise when one of them transforms into “something else.”

Lynel | Melt Records

Lynel Dedicates New Track “For Sure” To His Wife

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How about something cheesy and honest for this love month? Lynel will be dropping his newest track entitled For Sure on February 11, 2022 which talks about one of the most important decisions a couple can make.