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LUXXX Releases Electrifying Track “Movements in the Dark”

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By Tj Delima

LUXXX | Melt Records
New electrifying track by Luxxx entitled Movements in the Dark that is now available for streaming and digital download.

We’re kicking off the month with an electrifying track by LUXXX entitled Movements in the Dark, now available for streaming and digital download. LUXXX is Joey Seno’s new wave synth pop project that serves as an outlet for his passion for making music and experimenting with different sounds and styles.

Movements in the Dark, his newest single, is about a short experience he had with what he believes to be spirits while his family’s basement was being filled with soil. Even though he was the only one on the floor, he heard unexplained noises and later wrote a song about the experience. If you pay attention to his lyrics, you’ll hear questions like “Do you have a face? Are you caught in the void between two worlds? What dark secrets do you harbor?”and ”do you live in a different time?,” curiosities that are directed at the spirits. 

While his background started out with playing the piano, LUXXX has always been drawn to new wave music. He fondly recalls listening to Depeche Mode and wondering how they came up with their bizarre electronic melodies and analogue synths, which were extremely uncommon growing up in Cebu. Eventually, he discovered his own sound and began to write and produce his own songs, so he thought to give it a shot with this new track, adding some smooth electric and synthetic tunes, along with a hint of earthy instruments. He claimed responsibility for every aspect of this song’s creation, from composing the lyrics to arranging it, playing the instruments, and mixing it, among other things. Although there were times when he felt discouraged, he was able to overcome those moments and accomplish an awesome single. 

LUXXX - Movements In The Dark | Melt Records
LUXXX – Movements in the Dark Cover Art by PJ Ong

In addition to that, he said that he was thankful for the significant help that he got from PJ Ong, who created the cover art for this track. The cover art, which was influenced by minimalist art from the 1980s, perfectly encapsulates how the music makes the listener feel, as well as the song’s themes and tunes.

I’m just trying to share and express myself through music… life is short.”

Joey Seno, LUXXX

You can stream or download Movements In The Dark on all major streaming and digital download platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp and stay tuned for more releases from LUXXX!

Check out LUXXX’s Movements In The Dark Official Lyric Video