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There’s No Need to Panic With Snübear’s New Track “Bears”

Cebu indie pop darlings Snübear just dropped “Bears“, their first new music since their 2015 debut “Anecdotes”.

Have you heard the buzz about the latest release from Snübear? The five-piece band hailing from Cebu City just released another electrifying track entitled Bears last April 5, 2024 and it’s now available for streaming and purchase on all major digital platforms and Bandcamp.

It’s about making peace with chaos.

Kim Chawdhury, vocalist, Snübear

This is the band’s first release since their debut EP Anecdotes in 2015 captivated listeners with mesmerizing melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. Despite now being scattered across different corners of the globe, the band’s connection remains evident. Infusing every note with Kim Chawdhury and Bobbi Olvido’s beautiful vocals, intertwined with a beautiful combo of synths and guitars by the talented Jud Sala and Bobbi, all anchored by the solid rhythm of Jeremie Lim on bass and Miguel Saballa on drums, Bears is a sonic journey like no other.

What sets Snübear apart is their ability to blend indie rock with elements of synth, post-punk, and funk, creating a sound that is uniquely theirs. And with Bears, Snübear‘s created lyrics that delve into themes of courage, resilience, and the unexpected twists of fate that life throws our way. “It’s about making peace with chaos, embracing the unexpected, and moving forward, despite the voices saying there’s no way out,” describes vocalist and the song’s primary lyricist Kim Chawdhury.

Snubear - Bears | Melt Records
Bears Cover Art by Miguel Saballa

Recorded and produced across continents, Bears is a testament to the power of collaboration. Through their joint efforts, each member contributed to a song that speaks to the universal human experience, with the ability to touch hearts of listeners around the globe. The cover art, courtesy of the talented Miguel Saballa (who also plays drums for the band), perfectly encapsulates the ethereal atmosphere of the track, inviting listeners into a world of mystery and wonder.

Since its release, Bears has already made waves in the music scene, earning a coveted spot on Spotify’s prestigious editorial playlist .ORG, a testament to its undeniable appeal and infectious energy. 

As the band looks to the future, they remain committed to their roots, drawing inspiration from their Filipino heritage and the vibrant music scene of Cebu City. Don’t miss out on this indie rock masterpiece. Snübear’s Bears is out now.

Download “Bears” on Bandcamp or stream it on Spotify!