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White Widow Release New Experimental Collection, “The God Uterus Dissolves”

White Widow - The God Uterus Dissolves (Unleashed Edition) | Melt Records

MANILA, Philippines – Experimental sound duo White Widow has just released their latest harsh noise experiment, a five-track album called “The God Uterus Dissolves.” The album was released on May 10 and is available in two cassette editions as well as on digital via the Melt Records Bandcamp. The cassette release comes in two forms, with a standard cassette edition and an unleashed edition which features a one-of-a-kind wire mesh casing.

White Widow | Melt Records

White Widow’s experimental music relies heavily on Chester Masangya and Nel Briones’ unconventional use of electronic sound and synthesizers to create jarring and out-of-this-world aural experiences. The God Uterus Dissolves, as with most of the duo’s global collaborations with music experimenters around the world, may be uncomfortable for casual listeners. On the other hand, that’s exactly the point as the album exists to challenge traditional music sensibilities. 

Spontaneity and whim likewise drove the production of the album. “We wrote the materials in a week, as I recall, right after we talked about the idea,” narrates Masangya. “The rest is a blur.”

For The God Uterus Dissolves, the pair collaborated with critically-acclaimed art director Inodoro™ for the equally imaginative cassette design, which features occult symbols and dark imagery that accurately represent the tracks contained in the collection.

The unleashed concept was painstaking to realize with various prototypes of the wire mesh cage having previously failed until the final version was arrived at. In the end, the result is a one-of-a-kind cassette tape befitting any collector’s shelf.

The God Uterus Dissolves” is now available for purchase in cassette format on Melt Records’ online store and in digital format via Bandcamp.