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INODORO™ is the moniker of PJ Ong, a celebrated graphic designer and creative director from Cebu, Philippines.  A trailblazer in the fields of experimental and contemporary design, his avant-garde aesthetic is rooted in the principles of abstraction, instinctive design, and fluid manipulation of forms.

This young and revered non-conformist has received local and international acclaim, with features in publications such as i-D, Vice, BranD Magazine (Hong Kong), étapes:, BluPrint Magazine (Philippines), BRAIN (Japan) and  Asian Creatives by Ubies (Japan); and exhibits in various galleries and museums in key cities at home and abroad, including Ars Electronica (Austria), Somerset House (UK), Museum of Contemporary Arts in Chicago, USA.

INODORO™ has collaborated with major corporate and lifestyle brands such as Uniqlo Japan, Melt Records, Aston Martin, Avène Paris, TodaysArt, WSK: Festival of the Recently Possible, excite, American Airlines and Toyota, among others.


The Qings - Parallels | Melt Records
KRNA - I'm Wrong | Melt Records
KRNA - Dream Again | Melt Records
Tidal x Irrevocable Live In Cebu | Melt Records
Francis Cang - Sky Burial | Melt Records
Homecoming: Honeydrop | Melt Records
Loop: Redux 2023 Cebu | Melt Records
LUXXX - Movements In The Dark | Melt Records
TCKLDMNKS - Tobmaonain | Melt Records
FatherGore - Concupiscence | Melt Records
The Line Divides - Destiny | Melt Records
Chelsea Dawn - Mulat | Melt Records
Obsolete. - Omen | Melt Records
Obsolete. - Thin Air | Melt Records
Obsolete. - Ashes | Melt Records
KRNA - In Time | Melt Records | dream pop, indie pop, shoegaze, Cagayan de Oro
Honeydrop - Luna
KRNA - The River Gold
Psychomonkey - Alegria
Honeydrop - Signs
Bombo Pluto Ova - Oeuvre | Melt Records
Bombo Pluto Ova - Phantom | Melt Records