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Bombo Pluto Ova – Phantom

Bombo Pluto Ova - Phantom | Melt Records

Phantom is a masterpiece of cinematic soundscape – pushing the boundaries of what we can safely deem as music. Loaded with feedback, samples, and electronic noise, the cacophonous attack of sounds somehow winds down into a disjointed symphony – an acquired taste, but also very primal in a way.

Released May 1, 2012

Sam Pipebomb – Bass guitar, noise, effects, programming
Johnny Mommar – Guitar, noise, effects, various electronics
Engelbert Taray – Drums, effects

Art Direction + Design: INODORO
Sound sculpture: PJ Ong
Recorded May 2011 at Electric Waste Land Studio Cebu
Production, Mixing by Bombo Pluto Ova

Track List

  1. Parallel
  2. Specific Symptoms
  3. Portable Assumption
  4. Critical Resistor Radiation
  5. 11isolation
  6. Schizo Channel
  7. Common Mode Rejection
  8. S0791
  9. Deconstructor
  10. Volatile Blockade

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