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Hey! It’s Your Birthday – Hey! It’s Your Birthday

Hey! It's Your Birthday

Released June 11, 2016

HIYB are:
Anne Amores – vocals, guitars
Karl Lucente – guitars
Kat Malicay – bass
Faith Bernardes – keyboards
Lester Infiesto – drums

Songs written and arranged by Anne Amores, Karl Lucente, Francis Cabal (Floating), Eric Francisco (Ghost Dog)
Produced by HIYB and Dexter Sy
Francis Cabal sings on “Floating”
Eric Francisco sings on “Ghost Dog”
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Dexter Sy at Apesounds Audio

Album art by cats.

Track List

  1. Good Mourning
  2. Couch Stories
  3. Only Ones Left
  4. Hey Buddy
  5. Dead Cat
  6. Floating
  7. 90s Bedroom Jams
  8. Johnny
  9. Nothing
  10. Ghost Dog
  11. Shooting Star
  12. Goodnight

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