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Band members:

  • Jake Russell Relacion
  • Emil Arran Baleva
  • Ziv Zoleta
  • Robert Michael Lim

Coloura started out in 2016 as a “side project after college hours” by original members Jake Relacion and Robert Lim, starting out as a cover band performing an eclectic mix of music and under a revolving set of band names. They eventually started to write their own songs, releasing their debut single, the funky pop track “Shirley”, under the name Dox.

Eventually joining the lineup were long time college friends Ziv Zoleta and Emil Baleva (Moongatta). Under their now permanent name Coloura, the quartet released their first song “Losing My Mind”, which echoed nuances from The 1975’s post-punk sound and sonically driven by New Wave and Post Grunge accents. It garnered attention in the local indie scene, leading to some highlights for the band playing live alongside some of the best bands in Cebu, such as Mandaue Nights, Thinking Chair, and more.

The band continued to experiment with their sound as the pandemic struck the whole country, popping influences from funk and house music to shoegaze but ultimately creating their unique, catchy pop rock sound. 

The band released their debut EP “In Between” in 2022 to great reception from their fans and new listeners alike. They are set to follow up with a second EP called “Love and Influence” towards the end of 2023.

Latest releases

lightcraft - Coming Home (feat. Chelsea Dawn & Coloura) | Melt Records
Coloura - Love and Influence | Melt Records
Coloura - Ecstacy | Melt Records
Coloura - I'll Be Yours (Forever) | Melt Records