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Pulsing Chunky

Pulsing Chunky is a dynamic pop punk/rock band hailing from lloilo City. Since their inception in 2013, they’ve been inspired by iconic acts such as All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, Neck Deep, and Story of the Year, shaping their own unique sound.

Starting as a quartet, the band strategically expanded, welcoming JP, driven by an unwavering passion for music and an unyielding dedication to their craft. This addition infused their music with fresh energy, setting the stage for the release of their debut EP after unveiling three singles.

Post-tour, the band focused on creating a full-length album, artfully blending the nostalgia of 2000s alternative with the high-octane allure of pop punk, sprinkled with a contemporary touch of synth pop – a sound distinctly fresh in today’s music landscape.

In January 2023, Pulsing Chunky hit a significant milestone by gracing a larger stage at Viva Dinagyang events, where they fronted for Mayonnaise. Shortly after, they showcased their prowess by competing in Cebu, representing lloilo City at the pre-event for the music festival, Bobapalooza – an exhilarating experience that further fueled their ambitions.

The band’s first full-length album thought you’d never ask was finally released on December 31, 2023. 

Now signed to Melt Records, Pulsing Chunky is currently cooking new music to put out starting with a few singles set to be announced soon.


Pablo — Vocals
Justin — Guitars
Jaypee — Guitars
Marky — Bass
Raymon — Drums

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