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SHVRIKEN Returns With An Explosive Remastered Track “Hellwalker”

SHVRIKEN | Melt Records
SHVRIKEN is back with their latest remastered track Hellwalker released to all streaming platforms on June 28.

CEBU CITY, PHILIPPINES — Fresh from being crowned as champions in the recent Philippine leg of the global Wacken Metal Battle, SHVRIKEN, the modern metal band from Cebu known for their fast and aggressive sound, is back with their latest remastered track Hellwalker released to all streaming platforms on June 28. The track was inspired by the iconic video game Doom, telling the story of an imaginary character known as “Doom Guy” wreaking havoc and taking down hordes of demons with big guns and filthy fists.

Together, vocalist Shawn Michael Talacero, guitarists Dave “Gyobu” Orat and Earl “Tenzen” Borres, bassist Pormz “Katsumoto,” and drummer Jose Marie “Kai” Perpetua have poured their energy into creating a track that has captured the intensity and aggression of their genre. Hellwalker is filled with syncopated riffs, string skipping, and mutes, elements that are characteristic of modern metal but with a uniquely SHVRIKEN twist. 

Self-doubt? Haters? F@#! that! Worries strangle growth.

Shawn Talacero, on SHVRIKEN’s philosophy

The band also shared a few of their influences for Hellwalker include metal giants like Periphery and Lamb of God, as well as the adrenaline-pumping soundtrack of Doom. The band wants to reach heavy music listeners and gamers, portraying a message of perseverance and resilience. As Dave puts it, “don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do it and don’t stop chasing your dreams, boy!”

The journey to the remastered version of Hellwalker wasn’t without its challenges. Pumped about the original release, the band soon realized that the track needed deeper bass and “cooler” guitar bits. This led to their decision to redo and remix the track, making sure that the final product was exactly what they envisioned. Talacero also shared that on live performances, this song poses its own set of challenges. The song’s fast pace requires the band to be perfectly in sync to deliver a clean and perfect rendition. Despite the pressure, the band thrives on the energy and excitement of performing live.

SHVRIKEN - Hellwalker | Melt Records
Cover art for Hellwalker by Shawn Talacero

The artwork for Hellwalker is as intense as the song itself. While the original cover featured ritualistic signs and symbols inspired by the game, the remastered version portrays the band’s crest at the center surrounded by runes within a human eye. This striking design was conceived by Talacero himself who wanted to create something that visually captured the essence of the song.

After this release by SHVRIKEN, the band is preparing to release another track in the pipeline, promising more relentless energy for their fans. In addition to releasing new music, the band is also in heavy preparation to represent the Philippines in the global Wacken Metal Battle, which is set to happen at the largest convergence of metalheads from all over the world, Wacken Open Air, in late July. Fans and would-be fans of the band can stay tuned to their social media for updates and reach out as they’re more than happy to reply.

With Hellwalker, SHVRIKEN proves they have no time for doubts, only for delivering the most powerful and aggressive metal tracks and doing what they love. As Talacero says, “keep striving, my friends. Self-doubt? Haters? F@#! that! Worries strangle growth. Just do what you love and just don’t give a f#@! about them.”

Stream and purchase Hellwalker on all major digital platforms and Bandcamp now or watch the official visualizer on YouTube!