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Carlo Mesina Sings Of Running and The Outdoors in “Shinrin Yoku”

Carlo Mesina | Melt Records
Carlo Mesina drops the eighth single off his debut collection “Peculiar Assemblage” – an ode to the sport of running called “Shinrin Yoku”.

Carlo Mesina has just dropped the latest installment of his debut collection Peculiar Assemblage in a track called Shinrin Yoku that is now available on your favorite streaming platforms. The uplifting new song is the eighth of a total ten tracks from the collection, which will be released in its entirety by the end of 2023.

Shinrin yoku” (Japanese) translates literally to “taking in the forest” or “bathing in nature”, and the song appropriately is all about running and the outdoors. “I used to run a lot. I still do these days but I have settled for indoor runs ever since the pandemic,” Carlo describes his relationship with the sport. “But now I’m back to running outdoors when I find the time.”

Carlo Mesina - Shinrin Yoku | Melt Records
Cover art for “Shinrin Yoku”

“Cardio is therapy to me and to be running with nature gives me a sense of peace and quiet,” he adds. As the themes of Peculiar Assemblage revolve largely around a recent medical crisis that led to a sudden halt in Carlo’s normal life even prior to the pandemic, running is an important part of his story of despair, recovery, and ultimately triumph. The topic finds its rightful place in the album in Shinrin Yoku.

The remaining tracks off Peculiar Assemblage are already set for release through the remaining months of 2023, with Dusty Skeletons dropping on November 17th and Cut Me Loose From This Chair rounding up the collection on December 15th.

Listen to “Shinrin Yoku” now on your favorite streaming platform!