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Francis Cang’s New Track “What Comes Around” Is Out Now!

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Francis Cang | Melt Records
Francis Cang’s new track “What Comes Around” is now live on all streaming and download platforms. Photo by Chloe Lao.

Francis Cang releases his second track of 2021 post his Obsolete. phase with a new instrumental track called What Comes Around. The song is live now on all major streaming and download platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and Bandcamp.

What Comes Around had been previously released by Francis Cang, but after a period of growth and exploration, has been remastered into a new, more evocative version of the original release. As always, the track showcases Francis’ unmistakable guitar chops, but at the same time, a level of restraint that creates a beautiful tension in the music.

WATCH: Francis Cang performs “What Comes Around” in a one-take performance video.

“I wrote this piece in memory of my father who passed away years ago,” bares Francis. “He always wanted me to learn to improvise my music, so I recorded a lengthy improvised guitar solo for the entire second half of this song as a dedication to him.”

Francis Cang - What Comes Around | Melt Records
Cover art for “What Comes Around”

The cover art for What Comes Around features a photograph of Francis himself, taken by Chloe Lao and manipulated by Melt Record creative director Inodoro™. According to Francis, he was hesitant to use a photo of himself as the cover art, but given the personal nature of this song and how much it connects with his own life, he decided it was apt in the context.

Earlier this year, Francis Cang culminated his Obsolete. phase with the track Omen – the last of a trilogy of songs. He later returned to his instrumental guitar rock roots with the energetic track Cure Light Wounds. While staying true to his unique style, the track was also evidently influenced by math rock, something Francis admits listening to heavily in the last year.

Francis Cang has more new music up his sleeve and is set on releasing a few more instrumentals in the coming months leading into 2022. Always eager to share his gifts, he also plans to continue creating guitar tutorial content, something which has been immensely popular with the community following him.

Stream the track today on YouTube, Spotify, or any of your preferred music platforms!