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monopolice Releases New Track “Perfume”

Monopolice | Melt Records
Indie rock band monopolice today released their new track “Perfume“, now available on all major streaming platforms.

Cebu City, Philippines – Indie rock band monopolice today released their new track “Perfume.” The track is a slow, sad alternative rock ballad that is nostalgic for the sound of the early 2000s. It is the band’s second track, following their May release of “A Fine Day for a Swim.”

According to primary songwriter Miguel Lim, the inspiration for “Perfume” came from a phrase he heard from Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) many years ago, “people are place and places are people”, which resonated with him at the end of a past relationship. The will to write about the experience, however, didn’t occur until much later. “I was no longer bitter,” reflects Lim. “I’d be in some grocery aisle across a lady wearing familiar perfume but it would no longer bother me.”

While “Perfume” went through the band’s normal process of breaking apart a song idea and putting it all back together in a “monopolice way”, everyone agreed that the song would be ultimately released in the demo form that Lim had originally recorded it in and so it was.

monopolice - Perfume | Melt Records
Cover art by Bea Sagun

monopolice will be performing “Perfume” live at their release show on August 4 at Draft Punk Brewers and Skewers in Cebu City. The show is free and open to the public, and it will also feature performances by bedtime television, Highway Seven Circus, and Coloura.

Stream the track today on all streaming platforms or download it through the Melt Records Bandcamp.