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  • Shawn Michael “Shin” Talacero
  • Dave Luigi “Gyobu” Orat
  • Pormz “Katsumoto” Porminal
  • Jose Marie “Kai” Perpetua

SHVRIKEN started in 2016 with vocalist Shawn Talacero and guitarist Dave Orat playing metalcore and nu-metal covers. After various lineup changes, SHVRIKEN eventually solidified when bassist RR Porminal and drummer Jose Perpetua joined the stride.

SHVRIKEN has come to be known for their extended-range guitars, groovy riffs, and energetic live performances with theatrical and orchestral backing tracks added to the mix.

SHVRIKEN brings fire to their shows with their distinct, Japanese Sengoku Era-inspired outfits. With their sound forged from the influence of international acts such as Meshuggah, Periphery, Veil of Maya, Kadinja, and Born of Osiris, SHVRIKEN’s sound is a mix of modern metal with a slight hint of progressiveness.


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