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Pulsing Chunky | Melt Records

Pulsing Chunky

Pulsing Chunky is a dynamic pop punk/rock band hailing from lloilo City.

Hollywood Folk Hogan | Melt Records

Hollywood Folk Hogan

Hollywood Folk Hogan is a band from Cebu City that transcends style in their relentless pursuit of great music.

The Qings | Melt Records

The Qings

The Qings is a five-piece pop rock band based in Cebu City, Philippines, formed by the Quibranza siblings.

SHVRIKEN | Melt Records


SHVRIKEN is a modern metal band in Cebu known for their groovy, extended-range guitar riffs and energetic live performances.

Techisoba | Melt Records


Techisoba is an electronica artist by cross-disciplinary designer Chad Manzo.

The Rising Tide | Melt Records

The Rising Tide

The Rising Tide is an indie rock band from Cebu City, Philippines.

Queen Atia | Melt Records

Queen Atia

Queen Atia is a post-grunge band hailing from Cagayan de Oro City.

Apebreeder | Melt Records


Apebreeder is an alternative rock band from Bacolod City.

Vincent Eco | Melt Records

Vincent Eco

Vincent Eco is a folk-rock artist based in Cebu City, Philippines.

Monopolice | Melt Records


monopolice is an alternative rock project based in Cebu City.