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UJU – Dream Of Better Days (CD-R)


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UJU – Dream of Better Days (MLT122)

Available in an ultralimited CD-R run. Get your copy before we run out!


  1. TV Static
  2. Let’s Watch TV
  3. I Watch You Go
  4. Daydream
  5. Summer
  6. Lift My Eyes
  7. Ghost Story
  8. Still Breathing
  9. Can We Stay Like This Forever
  10. Dream Of Better Days

All songs written and performed by UJU.
Lyrics penned by Kenanaiah Jo and Leeju Jung.
Mixed and mastered by Kenanaiah Jo.
Additional vocals on Track 7 performed by Ina Charisse Gayaden.
Guitars on Track 8 performed by Shemiah Jo.
Spoken word on Track 9 written and performed by Elisha Grace.
Artwork by Kenanaiah Jo