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  • Girl – Drums
  • Mr. Z – Bass
  • Egor – Guitars and vocals

For fans of hard rock music that harkens back to the hey day of grunge and alternative in the 90’s, Apebreeder – a hard rock trio from Bacolod City and Dumaguete City, Philippines formed in 2022 – is a must-listen.

The band’s mantra speaks for itself – “we make music you’ve kinda heard before and haven’t”. The band’s music is heavily influenced by juggernauts such as The Smashing Pumpkins, Hum, and Pinback. On the other hand, listeners would be hard pressed to ignore the unique touch that the band adds to their music. Their music speaks volumes for people who are sick and tired of the industrial system and its consequences.

Apebreeder will be releasing an EP in 2023 under Melt Records.


Apebreeder - Now I Hate Everything | Melt Records
Apebreeder - Lord of Sudden Anger | Melt Records
Apebreeder - Black Is The Last Color | Melt Records

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