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Chelsea Dawn


Chelsea Dawn - Butterfly | Melt Records
Chelsea Dawn - Just Us This Christmas | Melt Records
Chelsea Dawn - Fall Out | Melt Records
Chelsea Dawn - Mulat | Melt Records
Chelsea Dawn - Cambiando | Melt Records

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Chelsea Dawn is based in Dumaguete City, Philippines. Originally a singer-songwriter act with a rotating cast of collaborators working with her on her recordings and live performances, Chelsea Dawn Bureros established in 2023 her full time lineup of Abe Jun Esquibel, MJ Litorja, and Liwayway Tanatan to work on both her upcoming studio recordings as well as touring.

Since her beginnings as a performer, Chelsea has amassed a strong following in her hometown of Dumaguete, with fan favorite tracks Ohio, which is a loving tribute to her city, and Bundak, a Bisaya song included in her debut album “Cambiando” that has captured the hearts of local fans. Her 2021 track Mulat, her only track written in Tagalog and with an apt-for-the-times political message, has gained over 50,000 streams on Spotify.

Through the course of the pandemic, she performed virtually on a national stage, through Sonik Philippines, and a global stage, through Bangkok Music City. In 2023, she started playing live shows with her new lineup in both Dumaguete City and Cebu City and has gained new, loyal fans and high praises at every performance.

In addition to performing live as much as they can, the band has also started working on new music as of June 2023.

Band Members

  • Chelsea Dawn Bureros
  • MJ Litorja
  • Abe Jun Esquibel
  • Liwayway Tanatan

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