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Coloura Drops Sophomore EP “Love and Influence”

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By TJ Delima

Coloura is set to release their upcoming EP, “Love and Influence,” on November 24th. Photo by Alden Panes.

Coloura just released their brand new EP, Love and Influence, on November 24th and it has shaped up to be an absolute musical revelation. The sophomore album from the band is now available on all major streaming and download platforms.

Prior to the release of the EP, the band previously dropped the single Ecstasy, the second single release from Love and Influence. This upbeat, funk-inspired track explores the intense and almost trance-like emotions that one experiences when infatuated with someone. Jake Relacion, the band’s vocalist and guitarist, shares his inspiration behind the song. “I was trying to reminisce the feeling of being overly in love with someone.” With its infectious melodies and catchy rhythms, Ecstasy promises to have you grooving along from the very first note. 

The track also features a guitar solo and incorporates “live” percussion loops, adding a celebratory and lively feel to the song. The band’s eclectic influences, ranging from house music to funk, are evident in every note of “Ecstasy.”

Coloura - Love and Influence | Melt Records
Cover art for “Love and Influence” by Alden Panes

Coloura‘s music can be described as a delightful mix of pop, rock, and electronic music, with various nuances influenced by each band member’s unique musical background, and the tracks in Love and Influence are no exception. For Ecstasy, for example, Jake found inspiration in Bonnie Bailey’s house classic Ever After, a track that helped set the tone and vibe for the song. The result is a heady mix of modern sound with a dash of musical nostalgia.

At the same time, the band made it a point to incorporate a diverse set of musical approaches to the new album. “We kinda just went along with whatever was comfortable and fun for us,” they explained. This is no more evident than in the final two tracks of the EP, with Tendencies brandishing instrumental post-rock chops and the closing track Happy incorporating a folksy, minimalist arrangement. The carrier single Never Been Better likewise deviates from the decidedly pop rock tones of the first two singles and instead leans into a more ambient electronic vibe.

The cover art for Love and Influence is as bold as the music, showing vocalist Jake Relacion spraypainting a heart, the icon that has come to represent Love and Influence and its emergent theme of obsessive love. The art was brought to life by Alden Panes, who had previously collaborated with the band on their debut EP In Between.

This new release showcases Coloura‘s versatility and boundless creativity and is a testament to the band’s commitment to their craft. Each track tells a unique story and offers a distinct musical experience. With Jake Russell Relacion leading the charge, the band members have undoubtedly poured their hearts and souls into this project.

Preorder the new EP on the Melt Records Bandcamp or presave it on your favorite streaming platform.