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Keith Human shares themes of Love and Violence for “Leave Your Baggage By The Door” Music Video

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Still Scene From Keith’s Leave Your Baggage By The Door MV

Keith Human recently drop the highly anticipated Leave Your Baggage By The Door Music Video last February 11, 2022. Keith and director Jannah Corrine collaborated to create the music video. It tells the story of a young couple on the verge of breaking up who tries to mend things only to meet their demise when one of them transforms into “something else.” The teaser trailer by itself shows a little bit of Jannah’s direction and visual storytelling. Check it out below!

Leave Your Baggage By The Door by Keith Human Music Video Teaser

According to director Jannah, “the theme of the MV is about a couple navigating through a quarrel which unfortunately didn’t end well for either of them.” She had previously worked with Keith on his It’s Not Everyday MV, so when Jannah was contacted for another music video, she was excited. She was inspired by the song title, what it meant, and Keith‘s mention of violence. So she brainstormed and came up with a love & violence vibe.

When it comes to the creative process, Keith mentioned that it took a lot of pitching sessions with different Cebuano directors before settling on Jannah to direct. As they already collaborated before, he felt it was only right to make her direct this song as well. Keith had always admired her visual storytelling style and grasp on the macabre.

And, as with anything great, there will always be challenges. Their biggest challenge was when the Odette typhoon hit, forcing post-production to be pushed back a few days. Director Jannah also expressed her challenges while directing the music video, stating that she wanted to try a variety of techniques for this MV. Lighting and shooting scenes in a vehicle were two of them, so as with any new endeavor, the challenges of creating this MV were undoubtedly those two aspects. Directing and acting at the same time was also a personal challenge for her. Nonetheless, the team completed the music video on time through their incredible perseverance. 

We are excited for you to check it out! Keith and the team would like to thank everyone who helped them make this come true. 

“I hope you will love this video. A lot of people are involved in achieving this project and it wouldn’t be possible without your continuous fondness for the song. The music video for Leave Your Baggage is finally here! This is our gift to all of you and for those who continued streaming the song. Happy Valentine’s Day ;)”

Check out the music video here LINK and the behind the scenes still from the music video below! Follow us for more @Meltrecordsph!