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Lynel’s Newest Single “End of the World” Is Out Now!

Lyne’s newest single is out now. Stream “End of the World” on your favorite music streaming platform!

By Tj Delima

It has been a while since Lynel released a new single yet he never ceases to amaze us and bring hope through his songs. The title of his newest release, End of The World, may sound gloom-ridden but this song is exactly what everyone struggling from the pandemic needs to hear right now.

The main narrative of the song is about two lovers who are going against an ever changing world spending their night like there’s no tomorrow. But if you listen closely it’s not just about two lovers – it can be about you and someone you love, your family, or your friends. It is basically a song about letting the people you love know that you will be with them no matter what and it’s a fantastic way to spread optimism at this difficult time.

“ I write down a rough story, create a beat, followed by the chorus’ melody with a synth as an accompaniment. “


Before composing a beat, Lynel says he generally jots down a rough storyline. Then he works with the melody of the chorus next, followed by the verse, all of which is accompanied by a synth. He then brings in other instruments into the arrangement and writes the lyrics last—an unusual approach, but one that works! 

The song was mostly inspired by Lynel  and his family’s personal experiences during the pandemic, according to him. He had struggled with anxiety and depression in the past and he understood how it could affect a person, so when his wife was going through the same thing, he always let her know that he was there for her no matter what. That then became the song’s central message. Lynel wants to reach out to others who are struggling and feeling as if the world is closing around them. If you’re upset, nervous, or depressed, he recommends letting it all out.

Cover art for “End Of The World“ by Lynel

Lynel‘s favorite Gunpla model is featured on the cover of his single, which he got a year earlier but sold when they had to move out of the city. He felt compelled to immortalize them, since he built them throughout the course of his son’s first few months. 

This is Lynel’s first single for 2021 following his track Smile which was released last year. He describes the song as a bit experimental; he took a different approach with this piece, using diverse elements of techno, retro, and indie music. 

Stream the track today on YouTube, Spotify, or any of your preferred music platforms!

WATCH: The official lyric video for Lynel’s “End of The World”