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New double track release by TCKLDMNKS

TCKLDMNKS | Melt Records

TCKLDMNKS with their signature post-rock sound have released two of their most recent singles, Tobmaonain & Ninanormal, under Melt Records. 

After the release of their Risk Culture EP last 2019, the band finally discovered a sound that they preferred and initially released these two tracks (Tobmaonain & Ninanormal), which contained a distinct, experimental atmosphere while still retaining strong post and math-rock influences. With a diverse spectrum of progressions and unique time signatures in their tracks, TCKLDMNKS have never been afraid to explore their capabilities in creating music.

When the track Tobmaonain was first released in 2020, the band felt they were expressing their thoughts on what was going on in the world – the uncertainty of the pandemic, the worry, the anxiety, and the confusion that it would bring about.

While Ninanormal, originally released just last year, focused on the sentiments of excitement and worry that the majority of the band’s members experienced when they became fathers, including the fear in response to the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic and how it would eventually affect their children and grandchildren.

These jumbled Hiligaynon words are perfect titles for the songs, which project mixed feelings, as well as a reflection of their roots and their ability to experiment on their songs.

Both tracks also now feature new cover art by Melt Records creative director, Inodoro, that mirror the complexity if the music. The concept experiments with new creative font types and paint-textured backgrounds that reflect the distinctiveness of each song as well as their correlation. 

Melt Records and TCKLDMNKS are working on more awesome stuff this year so stay tuned! In the meantime, enjoy this awesome back-to-back track drop by TCKLDMNKS

Stream the song now on YouTube, Spotify, or any other music platform of your choice!