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KRNA – The River Gold

KRNA - The River Gold

Released August 25, 2018

KRNA are:
KC Salazar – Vocals/Guitar
Francis Ramos – Synth/Keyboards
Rotsanjani Mojica – Bass Guitar
Marc Janro Abian – Drums

All songs written (melody and lyrics) by: KC Salazar
Arrangement and Production: Rotsanjani Mojica, Francis Ramos, Janro Abian and KC Salazar
Recorded at: Bammerstudio, Cambrian Studio and Nebula Studio (Cello parts)
Sound Engineers/Mixed and Mastered by: Bambi Roa, Francis Ramos, Dexter Sy
Cello Parts on Grey Lullaby: Juan Nangkil
Cover Art by: Inodoro™

Track List

  1. Grey Lullaby
  2. Wide Eyes
  3. The One
  4. My Dear
  5. And Ever

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What the press has to say...

The Rvr Gld is indeed a beautiful, expansive, and sustained dream of five songs that you just wish wouldn’t end.

Karl de Mesa,