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visual artists

Siamese Rat | Melt Records

Siamese Rat

I am the Siamese Rat and I make Toys, Comics and Illustrations

Ryan Covarrubias | Melt Records

Ryan Covarrubias

Ryan Covarrubias is a Graphic-Visual-Multimedia Artist/Designer by profession based in Zamboanga City and the bass player for Peregrine.

Cobbie Karagdag | Melt Records

Cobbie Karagdag

Cobbie Karagdag is a videographer and director who has worked extensively with KRNA.

Soika Vomiter | Melt Records

Soika Vomiter

Soika Vomiter is a Visayas, Philippines-based visual artist who also expresses art in the streets.

Dan Banate | Melt Records

Dan Banate

Dan Banate is a Cebu City-based graphic designer and a self-taught filmmaker.

Geraldine Sy | Melt Records

Geraldine Sy

Geraldine is an illustrator who loves creating bright and colorful compositions.

Inodoro™ | Melt Records


INODORO™ is the moniker of PJ Ong, a celebrated graphic designer and creative director from Cebu, Philippines.