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Keith Human Signs With Melt Records

By TJ Delima

Keith Human, also known as Keith Ayuman, is the newest artist to join Melt’s roster of incredible artists. Keith has been writing music since 2012 with tracks bearing a garage rock and raw aesthetic to them. When you first hear his music, you’ll notice a multilayered soundscape of new wave and Britpop combined with a genuine approach to folk songwriting. Keith also stated that he hopes to incorporate more glam rock flamboyance in the future.

Impulsively buying records sparked a motivation

His motivation to become a musician began when he felt compelled to purchase a few CDs, which marked the first step in his musical career. He impulsively purchased Rico Blanco’s Your Universe first album, Juan De La Cruz’s Himig Natin, Blur’s Parklife, Bob Dylan’s The Essential Bob Dylan, and The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour. Then, shortly after seeing a Tears For Fears concert in Waterfront with his father way back in 2012 or 2011, his relationship with music was never the same again. He then made his way into the industry, where he had a few experiences indulging in Cebu’s local scene before determining that he wanted to offer something new to the variety of sound produced by his fellow local musicians.

On being part of Melt Records

Bobbi (Kubra Commander, Sunday Sunday) approached Keith after hearing a song called “4’11” that he had released. Bobbi was his buddy, and the two had known each other since Keith’s folk music days, as well as from common Melt Records pals. “”4’11” was probably the most Bowie-inspired piece of work I ever did and it did spark my interest in exploring different styles that may or may not fit my voice.” Keith added.

Following that, after listening to Keith’s previous tracks, Bobbi offered to produce his future songs, and he was soon signed to Melt.

“To be honest, being a part of Melt Records is at first overwhelming. I’m accustomed to being on the outside looking in, and now, after years of trying, I can finally utter the line—- “Yes, I have a label now” —-he laughed. “I’m thrilled to experiment with new approaches in my writing and sound, as well as collaborating with musicians I’ve seen play and, in most cases, photographed. In the future, I’d like to produce a record for a peer too.”

Keith Human

Plans for this year

By this year, he plans to record his debut album, with the track Leave Your Baggage By The Door as the first single. He also plans to produce a few tracks by some of Cebu’s folk musicians, and before the year ends, he wants to release one final EP featuring collaborations with Cebuano musicians he’s always wanted to work with. That is something we are all looking forward to hearing!

Don’t forget to check out Keith’s YouTube channel and Soundcloud!