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Step into the Captivating Soundscape of Carlo Mesina’s “Headspace Carousel”

By TJ Delima

“Headspace Carousel” out now and is available for streaming and purchase on all digital platforms and Bandcamp.

CEBU CITY, Philippines – Let’s embark on an auditory journey like no other as Carlo Mesina, presents his latest track, “Headspace Carousel,” featuring a star-studded ensemble of collaborators, including Vince Lucero, Joshua: The Fool, The Prophet, Kim Trinidad, and John Dinopol. The track will drop on August 18, 2023 and is a part of his debut collection “Peculiar Assemblage”.It will be available for streaming and purchase on all digital platforms and Bandcamp. 

Headspace Carousel” isn’t just a song—it’s an artistic interpretation of how Carlo felt during the tumultuous pandemic era. Carlo Mesina, along with his collaborators, channeled the chaotic emotions, the introspective moments, and the lingering uncertainties that defined those years into an entrancing sonic voyage. Each artist’s unique perspective is encapsulated within their verses, painting a vivid picture of the rollercoaster of thoughts we all navigated during the time.

According to Carlo, “we all went mental during those years and each collaborator of this track pitched in their own takes through their killer verses.” It’s a candid and raw exploration of the human experience that’s bound to strike a chord with listeners. Carlo Mesina also shares, “it all boiled down to me coming up with this idea to write a song about the pandemic.” Little did he know that this idea would evolve into a multi-faceted creation, with Vince Lucero infusing ethereal spacey vibes that perfectly complement the overarching theme. Carlo’s admiration for the featured artists shines through as he expresses his confidence in their ability to deliver unique sections that elevate the track to unparalleled heights.

Carlo Mesina - Headspace Carousel | Melt Records
Headspace Carousel Cover Art

The album art for “Headspace Carousel” is a snapshot of tranquility amidst chaos. A dashboard shot captured by Carlo’s girlfriend, turned into a canvas with a subtle rainbow peeping through, conveys a message of hope and reassurance. Carlo shares, “That rainbow is that silent voice saying, ‘it’s okay’.” This imagery perfectly encapsulates the emotions and themes woven into the song itself.

Through “Headspace Carousel,” Carlo Mesina and his collaborators endeavor to reach out to everyone who faced challenges during the pandemic. It’s an anthem for the resilient souls who weathered the storm, a reminder that we all carry our own burdens, yet we have the power to overcome them. Carlo’s message is crystal clear –  “we all have crosses to bear. Different weights and sizes, but we all carry one. Just do your thing to get it across and conquer your demons.”

Official lyric visualizer for “Headspace Carousel”

As you dive into the mesmerizing world of “Headspace Carousel,” take Carlo Mesina‘s words to heart: “keep a naked mind and an open heart. Love like there’s no tomorrow.” Let the music wash over you, embracing the shared human experience that transcends time and space.

Make sure to check out “Headspace Carousel.” with its compelling blend of genres, poignant themes, and outstanding collaborations and stay tuned for more from Carlo Mesina