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Apebreeder Explore Dark Themes In “Lord Of SUdden Anger”

Apebreeder | Melt Records
Apebreeder’s latest track “Lord of Sudden Anger”, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Apebreeder has just released a new track “Lord of Sudden Anger” available on all digital streaming platforms as well as via the Melt Records Bandcamp. The track follows their recent single “Black Is The Last Color”. Both tracks form part of the band’s upcoming EP, “Now I Hate Everything”, which is set to release before the end of 2023.

According to the Dumaguete and Bacolod-based trio, their new single “ventures into the darker parts of human resentment and social exclusion”. The track is noticeably slower and moodier than the band’s preceding release, but suddenly swells into a heavy distorted guitar riff. This dynamic arrangement represents the emotional outburst the imagined subject goes through as “raw violence becomes the only obvious option to reclaim a perceived loss of potency”.

Lord of Sudden Anger” reminds us that these violent impulses lay dormant in the deepest recesses of the human condition and for others, it only takes one more push before they rear their ugly heads to the surface.

– Apebreeder official statement

The dark theme intends to convey that anger “does not come out of a vacuum”, and that it is the end result of a combination of a person’s repressed nature as well as a plethora of surrounding circumstances.

Apebreeder - Lord of Sudden Anger | Melt Records
Cover art for “Lord of Sudden Anger”

As always, Apebreeder impresses with their abstract approach to songwriting as well as the unpredictable, dynamic arrangements the band has come to be known for among its cult following. With this latest track, they hope to give listeners a taste and pave the way for the drop of “Now I Hate Everything”.

Listen to “Lord of Sudden Anger” now on Spotify or download it via Bandcamp!