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The Rising Tide Releases a Rousing Sequel “Devil’s Den” 

By TJ Delima

The Rising Tide | Melt Records
The Rising Tide’s brand new track “Devil’s Den” is now on your favorite streaming platform. Photo courtesy of The Rising Tide.

CEBU CITY, Philippines — The first thing that crosses one’s mind when hearing The Rising Tide‘s latest masterpiece, Devils Den, for the first time is a resounding acknowledgement of their undeniable musical prowess. The band, back in action this year, brings forth another gem that demands the attention of every music enthusiast. Following the adventurous fusion and dynamic energy in their previous release, Devil’s Dance, Devils Den showcases The Rising Tide‘s strength as a band, unveiling unique sounds that epitomize their musical essence and elevate their artistry yet another step beyond their already impressive catalog.

The Rising Tide - Devil's Den | Melt Records
The Rising Tide – Devil’s Den Cover Art

Describing their music as “experimental”, the band has ingeniously blended elements of funk, pop, and a touch of metal into Devil’s Den. The process of crafting this unique sound involved guitarist Dave Orat initiating the guitar parts, followed by the rhythmic addition of drums and bass, and culminating in the harmonious inclusion of vocals.

We aimed to create something fresh, incorporating diverse genres to keep our audience intrigued. ‘Devil’s Den‘ is an exploration of sound, and we hope it resonates with those looking for a unique musical experience.

-Resty Fuentes

When asked about the inspiration for the track, Stephen Tan reveals the song’s connection to their previous release, Devil’s Dance. The single contributes to a planned trilogy, with Devil’s Den exploring the protagonist’s journey of breaking away from toxic relationships. The lyrics delve into a mentally violent process of gaining awareness and escaping the clutches of toxicity.

Official lyric video to “Devil’s Den”

The Rising Tide, composed of Stephen “Stepoy” Tan (Vocals), Dave Orat (Guitars), Mich Pacalioga (Guitar/Vocals), Vince “Kuya Sir” Garces (Bass), and Resty Fuentes (Drums), hints at more awesome stuff in store for 2024. So stay tuned and follow their journey. 

Make sure to check out The Rising Tide’s  “Devil’s Den” out on January 12, 2024 and available for streaming and purchase on all major digital platforms and Bandcamp.