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Bombo Pluto Ova – Aorta Gun

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Bombo Pluto Ova - Aorta Gun | Melt Records

released February 2, 2013

Sam – Bass / John – Guitars / Eng – Drums

Produced by Bombo Pluto Ova and Dexter Sy
Art direction and design by Electric Wasteland

Track List

  1. God-damned Bomb (Invisible-bolt / Wild Youth)
  2. Avoirdupois
  3. Secret Circle (Earth As God’s Spaceships / Pleasure Machine)
  4. Orchestra Eyes (Gnashing It’s Planets Theme)
  5. Concerto No. 1 in Flies That Time (Return to Saturn)
  6. Nothing Like It In The World (Minds of Time)
  7. Mottled Black (Lightninglike-rays / Strange Dog Acid***)
  8. At the End of His Vision (Maggot the Piper)

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