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Such – Forward To Hastings

Such - Forward To Hastings

Originally released on June 18, 2011
Released by Melt Records on January 16, 2017

Music and Lyrics – A.K. Sanson – Lluch, J.V. Bermundo, S. Sabuero, E. Talaroc, M. J. Pacalioga, B. Bartolome

Mixing and Mastering – Mark Banaag
Produced By Such.
2011 Suchissuch Records

*Drums Recorded at Bammerstudio by Bam Roa
*Guitar and Synth Tracks Recorded at Gameroom Studio by Michael Pacalioga
*Bass and Vocal Tracks Recorded at Phadj Studio by Mark Banaag.

Cover Art by Chris Gomez
Photography by Gaps Sabuero (

Track List

  1. Run
  2. Windows
  3. Out in the Open
  4. Here Before
  5. Orchid Shifts
  6. Nothing
  7. Backseat Opera
  8. Radiance
  9. True (We Could Be More)
  10. In the Middle of the Waves

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