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the sound of go

The Sound of Go | Melt Records

The Sound of Go Promise Love and Assurance in New Track “Japan”

Another superb release from The Sound of Go, entitled Japan, will be available for streaming and digital download on all of your favorite platforms on October 21, 2022. The track incorporates aspects of The Sound of Go’s brand of pop punk with a touch of hardcore and easycore mixed in.

The Sound of Go joins Melt Records representing Davao!

We are happy to welcome the pop punk band The Sound of Go all the way from Davao City! 
The band started way back in 2010 by members Aijei and Paolo, who were initially close friends but funny enough both discovered later on that they were actually cousins. Nevertheless, the band’s name, The Sound of Go, is not a coincidence at all; it was inspired by one of their musical influences, but also a reference to their desire to keep things moving forward, not only with music, but also with life in general.