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Turnpike Releases Banging New EP, “You vs Everyone You Love”

Turnpike | Melt Records

by TJ Delima

Get ready to go nuts to Turnpike‘s newest EP, “You vs Everyone You Love,” out since April 21 for streaming and purchase on digital platforms and Bandcamp. This fresh new five-piece melodic hardcore band from Cebu City includes Bryle Tomilap on vocals, Sean Villareal on rhythm, Renato “Moski” Mosqueda on lead, Kerwin Scythe Britannia on bass, and Vinz Bartiana on drums, and they’re bringing you an incredible collection of introspections about life, its joys, and the suffering that comes with it.

The carrier song, which is also titled “You vs Everyone You Love,” explores the struggles of dealing with emotionally toxic relationships and the resulting despair and disappointment. It is a song about unparalleled expectations, which plays a vital role in shaping the psychological body frame of the first person. But it’s not all dark and gloomy as Turnpike’s unique blend of melodic hardcore, metallic hardcore, and other influences infuses each song with a refreshing passion and energy.

Official lyric video of the carrier single “You Vs. Everyone You Love”

According to the band, this EP is more sensitive and self-centric than their previous projects. The band’s writing process involves Bryle’s lyrical contributions to Sean’s riffs, which are then further developed and refined by the rest of the group. The result is a sound that draws from bands like Poison the Well, Foreign Hands, and Misery Signals, while still being uniquely Turnpike.

Despite the challenges of balancing day jobs and law school, these guys have poured their hearts and souls into this EP, and the album art reflects that intimacy and vulnerability.  The EP is a definite pleaser people who are into hardcore punk, particularly those who still listen to Poison the Well and older, nearly forgotten hardcore legends.

The album art was created by Bryle himself, who is also into graphic designing. It features monochromatic photos of different parts of the body, symbolizing the deeply personal nature of the lyrics.

Turnpike - You Vs. Everyone You Love | Melt Records

One intimate message that the band wants to share with their audience is to support their local scene first before complaining about not being able to see a foreign band play live. 

To those not familiar with the genre, this is the perfect opportunity to branch out and discover some powerful new music. Turnpike’s new EP, “You vs Everyone You Love” is a must-listen for all fans of hardcore music. It is a testament to the band’s talent, passion, and dedication to their craft.

So, to all the crate diggers and geeks who don’t stop scavenging for good music underground, don’t stop! You are what keeps Turnpike and other bands like them going.