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MLT117: Chelsea Dawn – Umbra

Chelsea Dawn - Umbra | Melt Records

Released on November 27, 2020

Composed and written by: Chelsea Dawn Bureros

Music Producer: Jerry Catarata
Cover art by: Amber Tashiro

Umbra is Latin for “shadow”. Personally, shadows are one of the few things i’m terrified of, but the “shadow” in the song is a metaphor for anxiety. “Paving my way through the darkness unknowingly caving to walk every path you are taking me.” Anxiety can attack anytime, anywhere and anyhow. Sometimes, you win, other times you lose. “Slowly i’m crumbling down to my knees i’m begging you please leave me alone i don’t wanna go with you” But even when you already feel like losing, you fight back. You refuse to let it get to you.

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