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Peregrine | Melt Records

Peregrine Releases New Single “Gubble Bum”

Peregrine has announced the release of their latest single titled “Gubble Bum”, an upbeat tune with catchy lyrics and melody that make it a perfect addition to any playlist. The track will be available on popular streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp starting from February 24th.

Three Physical Music Releases To Look Forward To | Melt Records

3 Physical Music Releases To Look Forward To

Nowadays, everyone is streaming music and consuming music through digital portals has quickly become the norm. However, physical CDs, vinyls, and cassettes are still growing in popularity with music enthusiasts and fans. There is still a different kind of magic when holding a physical album from your favorite band in your hand. At Melt Records, we want to keep that magic burning.

Ryan Covarrubias | Melt Records

Ryan Covarrubias

Ryan Covarrubias is a Graphic-Visual-Multimedia Artist/Designer by profession based in Zamboanga City and the bass player for Peregrine.