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Melt Records representing at Sonik Philippines 2021!

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Chelsea Dawn, The Line Divides, and Still Dreams are representing Melt Records in performances at Sonik Philippines 2021 this October 21 to 23. Official graphics from Sonik Philippines 2021.

By TJ Delima

Three of Melt Record’s amazing artists and our very own co-founder join Sonik Philippines 2021 this October 21st to 23rd!

Sonik Philippines is the first-ever Philippine-sanctioned Music Conference x Festival comes back this year with another full-packed virtual event with the theme #PhilippineRising. The conference aims to unite and raise together the diverse community of Filipino artists, producers, labels, fans and companies, welcoming diversity and empowering all of the music industries. 

“No role too tiny. No role too little. We are very talented and knowledgeable as one person.”

Sonik Philippines 2021 Slogan

In this year’s Sonik, Filipino music groups covering various genres, identities, and places will be brought together and industry topics such as marketing, audio ads, the future of OPM through P-pop will also be discussed during the conference, as will spectacular local act few of our Melt Record artists. 

Three of Melt Record’s artists will be playing in the 3 day event with our very own co-founder joining the panel of speakers. 

Still Dreams

A Japanese pop duet consisting of couple Maaya and Ryuta. They play with indie-pop, synth-pop, shoegaze, and dream pop. Their debut album Theories was published in 2018 and their first Osaka live concert in January 2019 soon followed. As the trend continues, their second album Lesson Learned was released in that same year. They’re back two years later, with another album, Make Believe, containing Ultra Doomed and one more Kiss, Live With Excuse.

Read more about Still Dreams here!

The Line Divides

Having recently released their new single, Destiny, the pop-rock band joins the line up too. In the Cebu music scene, they have long been regarded as an icon. This band defines their style as “melodic riffs and beats to which people may sing and dance,” citing a broad variety of inspirations from Nu Metal to New Wave. At its essence, their music shows a common affinity for alternative and pop punk.

Read more about them here!

Chelsea Dawn

Representing Dumaguete City, Singer-songwriter Chelsea, will also be playing at Sonik Philippines with her mix of styles from indie folk to jazz n’ blues. She also released her debut EP Cambiando in early 2021 followed by her single and protest song Mulat, which was released last July and her most recent single Fall Out

Read more about Chelsea Dawn here!

Dexter Sy, co-founder of Cebu-based independent label Melt Records, will also be one of the speakers in this year’s Sonik Philippines together with other prominent people in the industry. As a label founder, he hopes to reinvent how record labels operate in the Philippines (and more ambitiously, in the global industry) using what he knows about both the music business and software technology. He specifically is eager to change how we deal with transparency with artists as well as elevating the experiences of both audiences and artists alike.

Read more about the Melt Records team and their mission here!

Both artists and music business professionals come together to help further elevate the sector, pushing through and opening up the floor for Filipino artists to perform this October 21-23. For more information visit Sonik Ph’s official website.

Join the Sonik Philippines 2021 group page here to get notified and watch the live talks and performances!

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