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MLT175: Keith Human – Hail Aphrodite!

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Keith Human - Hail Aphrodite! | Melt Records

Coming On 12.09.2022


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Releasing on December 9, 2022

Produced by J. Martino Olvido and Keith Human
Written and Composed by Keith Raymier G. Ayuman
Recorded at Tiny Crab Room and Capital Dreams Studio
Mix and Mastered by Jake Relacion

Vocals, Back up Vocals, Acoustic, Rhythm Guitar, Bass – Keith Human
Lead Guitar/Rhythm – J. Martino Olvido 
Lead Guitar #2/Rhythm – Jeff Bontol
Organ Piano – Rex Aventuna (Arranged by Josemaria Seno)
Drums – Tim Williams
Additional Vocals – Lolita Grey

Cover by Keith Human
Photograph by Mako
Model: Christian Rey Villanueva